Post 63 Summer Excitement

As we approach Memorial Day Weekend and the weather continues to improve, the entire family gets more and more excited about the summer. We are definitely a summer family, loving the pool, the beach and all things outdoor. I was raised with a pool in the backyard and endless days playing sports all summer. Alex was raised spending her entire summers in North Wildwood NJ at her families beach house. We have surely maintained the fun loving summer atmosphere throughout our family life that we have created.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree either. Greyson is a summer fanatic, loving any water activity and spending as much time as humanly possible outside, even if it is just on our deck. If you observed him during the winter, while he is inside for an hour and compare that to watching him for an hour outside during the summer, there is no comparison. The summer activities bring out the best in him and you can see the joy written all over his face.

We are truly blessed to live in New Jersey since it has so many diverse outdoor activities and places to visit. It is challenging every summer trying to take advantage of all things you can do, and all the places you can go. We have beaches, rivers, lakes, tons of parks, (both local and state parks, hiking trails, the pine barrens forests, farms, horse stables, mountains and if you are so inclined cities as well.

Greyson loves all of it! He truly is our son in every way and we are so happy to be able to share all these places, activities and pastimes with him. The things that we loved as children are things we can now share with him and build memories that will last a lifetime! This will be a summer to remember.

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