Post 60 Sickie Sickie

Anyone who has followed our podcast, blog or YouTube Channel knows that Greyson has been a very healthy boy. the only time he has been sick was after his MMR and Flu Shot when he was 13-14 months old. He had a horrible fever for 6 days and the pediatrician said he could only take the tamaflue for 3 days. It didn’t help and after that we just had to keep him cool and hydrated. Eventually, he recovered on his own. In our opinion it was from the MMR and Flu Shots he got the day before he got sick. The Pediatrician denied that it was from that but I do no the;ieve anything they say anymore. It is like the just simply repeat what they are told.

Well, Greyson has never been sick since, which has been over 4 years. Until last week, that is. We all got sick, starting with me, then Alex and Grey. Grey’s immune system is so stern it only lasted 2 days for him, even though Alex and I were sick for over a week. Those 2 days were rough though. he had a fever and napped each day. He hasn’t napped in months. It screwed up his entire sleep schedule and for 3-4 days we were up half the night. All of us sick not feeling well and Grey staying up half the night. Some of you know how hard it can be with a child who is sick. We are lucky enough that we haven’t had to deal with it much, but now that we did I can tell you it was horribly challenging. Especially, when we were all sick.

Asking to be picked up, spun around, tickled, constantly singing and dancing with him, while we have flu symptoms. Not exactly ideal, but we survived and now we have re-affirmed that we can get through anything as a family. Another challenge conquered!!!

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