Post 59 Changes In Therapy

So among all the changes in our lives is Grey’s ABA Therapy. Not only have we lost our long time RBT who is incredible. The provider has no one to replace him right now, let alone an RBI that would be a good fit. This is now where everything get put back on our shoulders, especially Alex’s. She knows more about Greyson than any therapist could, especially a new therapist on this case could. I got my first look today, at the new program the BCBA has her running. It is definitely a unique system and process.

Everything in this program is centered around giving the child what he or she wants and needs. The idea of backing off of the forceful demands will reduce problem behaviors and make him more motivated to do the things he is asked to do. It was only one day but Alex and Grey both did a great job. I was super impressed. I know we are going to be talking more about this type of ABA sometime on future posts and on our podcast and YouTube Channel, but I just wanted to give you my initial reactions to this strategy.

I have to say it seems incredible. I do not ever remember seeing Grey so happy during therapy and it totally warms my heart. It makes me so happy to see that he is enjoying it so much and it makes all our work worth it. On the other side of the spectrum it was really sad watching him request the old RBT

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