Post 58 Struggles

Recent life has felt really cold and cruel. The Craziness, anxiety, stress and monumental challenges are weighing me down like I am simply standing in quick sand. I am sure so many people can relate to how I feel right now. For as long as I can remember life has been throwing challenge after challenge at me, and I do my best to remain positive, but it doesn’t always work out the way I would like. I have always looked at the world as a place where God, or the greater power always evens everything out at the end of the day. I always said, we are going to have a huge breakthrough, because things can’t go wrong forever. However, the point I am at now is that I do not know if a breakthrough will ever happen. I try to tell myself that we are paying our dues and no one could have bad things happen forever. That eventually god will pay us back 10 fold for all the challenging times. Well, I don’t know how much longer I can maintain that thought process. It feels like the last little bit of hope that I was holding onto is slowly but surely slipping through my finger tips.

I didn’t intend to write this particular blog post. I just started to connect with how I am feeling and decided to share it with everyone. I know a lot of people have felt this way or are feeling this way right along with me, right now! That is what makes a platform like this so great. Being able to be open and share my emotions, feelings and challenges can help me grow as a person. It can help me refocus myself and move forward. Sharing all of these things with others can help them do the same.

I just pray that any and all of us who feel this way can survive the tribulations and enjoy the abundance we all deserve afterwards. God Bless!

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