Post 57 Socialization

Social Skills are a challenging area for people on the spectrum to learn and excel at. We are lucky in many ways, when it comes to social skills because Greyson doesn’t want to isolate himself and loves to be around other people. He prefers to be with people, provided he can still do things he wants to do. In other words, if you are trying to force him to do something he really doesn’t like, he will isolate to avoiding being involved in that activity. However, if you do an activity he enjoys he loves interacting with other people. It is all about getting him in the right environments and the right situations, that give him the best chance at success.

We have been going out a lot for walks every day, sine the weather has gotten a little nicer and he has absolutely loved it. The 4 of us go out for a walk and always end up with Grey leading us to the playground. A couple of the times we went, there were other kids there. I have to say, that their has been a huge difference in him around kids lately. He was engaged in what they were doing and saying, and he spent a lot of time watching them. Then he started following them on the playground and even tried holding one of the kids hands.

The thing that really makes social skills so challenging for him is being non-verbal. Being around him all the time like we are allows us to know exactly what he needs without him even asking. However, other kids do not understand that, nor do I expect them too. I know it will get easier for him as his use of the AAC device improves and as kids get older and can understand that he is on the spectrum and non-verbal. Despite all of that I was so proud of how he was acting. So proud he tried to interact in the ways he could. I know how smart he is and how well he can connect with us, his therapist and others. So I know he will have good social skills eventually but I would love to see him connect with kids his age a little more now. Build friendships and play with other kids a lot, like we all did as kids. Especially, now that he is losing his therapist. But all that being said, no matter what we will always be here for him, to support him, protect him, teach him and raise him to be the best person he can be!

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