Post 56 Greyson Lost His Best Friend

This has been one of the saddest times I have felt in such a long time. My heart is breaking for Greyson right now. I write this with tears in. my eyes!

Our RBT of 2.5 years is moving on and taking a new position. I am obviously very happy that he is growing in his career, and he has earned it. I am just so sad for Greyson. Outside of Alex and I, the RBT is the person he is closest to and they have built an incredible relationship, that seems so special. I mean it is to the point that when therapy is here, Greyson wants nothing to do with me. It is hard to find a therapist, especially a good one. We have been very lucky finding him and having him for 2.5 years. We are on the waiting list again to find another RBT, and until that happens our BCBA is working with Alex on continuing therapy.

We can overcome those things though, we had to do it during the COVID lockdown, and it may take a while but we will find a goof RBT again. However, the hard part is the emotional connection for Greyson. That can not be replaced so easily. My heart is breaking for my son right now. I can’t do that much about it right now. We plan to try and see him somewhat regularly after his last day. I just worry so much about Greyson, his growth, his development and his happiness. I just hope he gets through this, and we can help build many more bonds that are this meaningful to him in the future.

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