Post 55 Mother’s Day

This year was a bit different for Mother’s Day, and in many ways. I had to work for the first time on Mother’s Day, so we didn’t plan anything to crazy. During previous years we would go out with Alex as a family, give her some time for herself and have a nice dinner at night. However, since I was working this year we did some family activities another day and focused on having a wonderful dinner with her that evening.

This was definitely the first time Grey had an idea of what Mother’s Day really was about. I spent the previous 2 weeks having little talks with him explaining that Mother’s Day was coming up, why it was so important and what I need him to do for his Mom that day. Since he is non-verbal we aren’t always sure how much he really understands. I knew he understood the basic idea behind it but I was pretty confident he did not fully understand. He ended up totally surprising me though. When I got home from work I got flowers and a card for Alex and helped him sign the card. Then I handed them to him and he very nicely walked in and gave it to Alex. I told her Greyson wanted to do something special for her since it was Mother’s Day and this was his idea.

Of course she knows all of this, but saying it all out loud in front of him really helps him to start understanding it better. When he was done giving it to her he was so happy and proud of himself. It was definitely a beautiful moment. When you have a child on the spectrum, you never know what each day is going to be like, or what to expect in the future. So every time we have a beautiful experience like this was, it means so much more!

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