Post 54 Alone With Grey and The Puppy 2 Weekends in a Row

So Easter has passed now and Alex wanted to go to see a friend out of state. It is her best friend and they haven’t scene each other in 4 years. So I was more than happy to stay home and watch Grey and the puppy. However, then she asked if she could go away the weekend before that with another friend. I was reluctant but said I would take care of it. She needs the time to relax a little after all she does on a daily basis for our family.

I was super worried about how this was going to go. Most of the time it is no problem to take care of them, however, every now and then things can get a little crazy. I decided to write this while I am wrapping up the final few hours of the second weekend, and I have to say things were way better then I expected. The dogs a shadow of Greyson, and even slept next to him in bed, 2 of the nights. I only had one crazy stretch, this morning that drove me crazy. Greyson walks in the kitchen and he has poop all over him. It is in his hair and everywhere. I walk in the other room and of course the dog is eating it off the floor. I had to crate her to keep her away, and I went to survey the damage. Well, he decided to do the twist on top of his poop, and had managed to grind it into the carpet. I quickly got him a bath to clean him up, and he wasn’t to happy about the bath. Then I cleaned up the mess. After about a half hour of cleaning him up and the floor I was all done and went to let the dog out again, since the coast was now clear. What do you think I see at this point?

The most wonderful sight! She decided to learn from her brother and do the same thing in her crate. So it was her turn to get a bath and then have her crate cleaned up. What a morning, I looked at the clock and an hour and a half a wake and I had hardly done anything. Even though that was literally, a mess, both weekends went great as a whole! It is always wonderful to have some time with just them, which just builds those bonds even deeper. These are the experiences and times I will remember for the rest of my life!

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