Post 53 Easter Eggs

We decided to spend Easter at home this year. Alex’s Mom came up to visit us for the holiday and stayed for a few days. I had to work a lot all week so it was nice to spend Easter at home and relax. the night before Easter, we decided to do Easter eggs with Grey. When I got home from work Alex was nice enough to have all the stuff set up for us. We sat down at Greys’s table with him and explained what we were going to do. Then we showed him how to put the Eggs into the bowls. He immediately started doing it. Like with most things we do with him, he had a huge smile on his face. Then it came time to rotate them and we asked him to rotate them and showed him how. We then went color by color and he went through them rotating them in the bowls. Man, he immediately knew which color was which and what eggs needed to be rotated still. He really enjoyed the Mickey decals and stickers as well. Once we were all done we showed them to him and let him play with them, we told him how well he did and as he always does, he smiled with an overwhelming pride! What a wonderful time we had!

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