Post 52 First Trip To The Beach of 2022

On my day off the other day I wanted to do something special for Greyson and the family. It has been a long winter and we have had so much going on this winter we have been stretched really thin. It was supposed to be in the 70’s for the first time this year, so I decided to take everyone to Asbury Park. They allow dogs until mid May and Greyson is an absolute beach bumb. It as perfect. We always regretted taking Savannah our last dog, to the beach as a senior. So it was something we wanted to do just as much with the new puppy as we did with Greyson.

Well the day did not disappoint. The weather was great, the water was cold and the fun was plentiful! The dog was in her glory! It didn’t matter if it was the beach or the boardwalk. She loved being outside, with her family and socializing with other people and other dogs. Greyson was in his own world. He was truly in his element. Running around, playing on the playground and watching his phone at a bench on the boards. These are the days we will remember for ever. It is not always the big major events and experiences, but the simple ones that mean so much!

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