Post 51 Taking Strides Forward

Over the past 6 months a lot has developed and changed with Greyson. For the First 4 of those 6 months Greyson was in a bit of a rut. He had some tough challenges with behavior, obsessive compulsive demands and therapy. He was going through a period of regression, frustration and probably boredom. As many of you know this is a hard time for a family physically and emotionally.

Regressions are like punches to your gut and as a parent working so hard to help your child it can be extremely disappointing. Despite the frustrations, as a veteran autism parent, I am used to going through this. We have had many regressions, and all of them have been different. Even when you do not see a way you know based on past experience, that you will get through that time and back to a time of growth. Even if you do not know how it will happen.

I treated this time no different than every other. The surprising part always comes in the way that things change back towards to positive side. Well, our BCBA is where that started this time. She wanted to make some changes in strategy and use a newer form of ABA that is much better at resolving problem behaviors. It allows Greyson to have much more control of what is happening and builds trust so that he will be more willing to listen and comply when demands are placed on him. I could spend hours explaining this type of therapy and how this approach works, however, I am not going to get into all that in this post. We can save that for another time.

This is about how much it has changed Greyson. I has totally turned everything around for all of us. Greyson is happier, more compliant, less meltdowns, and less challenging behaviors. He is responding to demands without delay or elopement. He has also built a much deeper and closer bond with his RBT. He asks for him everyday now and even refuses to have me do anything with him when his therapist is here. He is now enjoying therapy so much, and looks forward to it every day! It has made me incredibly happy!

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