Post 50 The Incredible Journey

This has been just the most amazing journey and we could have never imagined where life was taking us. Since this is post 50 I thought I would celebrate with a little review of our journey up to this point.

It all started when Greyson was a little older than a year old. The pediatrician recommended a speech evaluation since he really wasn’t speaking much at all. She gave Alex the number to call the state early intervention department, and she did and we had a company come out about a week later and during the evaluation they mentioned possible autism. I was working from home and Alex came running in after they left and said he has autism, with tears in her eyes. She said, they said possible autism but I know in my heart he has autism. I said, you do not know for sure at this point so let’s not get overwhelmed at this point. But if you know Alex, she can’t help it.

We ended up starting EI and worked with a Developmental Interventionist and an Occupational Therapist. We quickly built a wonderful relationship with the therapist and they did with Greyson as well. He immediately made progress, and then eventually it was time for our evaluation at the developmental pediatrician at CHOP in Philadelphia. Although we already knew he was on the spectrum, it was still an incredibly challenging and emotionally draining day. It took 5 hours and it we were so emotionally drained after, like never before.

At that point we wanted to do everything we could to help our son. We had a ton of motivation. His behaviors started to get worse and extreme. Self harming and meltdowns occurring most of the day. I would speak to Alex while I was at work and she would be crying and completely overwhelmed. I would come home and after working a long day, I would help out and give her a break. She finally told me we needed to take him to a biomedical doctor because she doesn’t know what else to do. She couldn’t deal with it much more. So we did and it worked incredibly well for him. His symptoms improved dramatically immediately.

At this point the journey came to a point of being full circle. I have had many emotionally draining moments over the years. Feeling like I grieved over a life and child I lost in the early stages, to the joy of experiencing amazing bonding adventures. From late nights crying with Alex, to the joy of seeing him start reading at 2.5 years old. From the pain of him not talking to seeing him learn to type and spell like a 8 year old at 5 years old.

We have all come so far from where we were in the beginning. Greyson is a blessing that I could never have realized. I have found new meaning in my life, and a purpose that goes way beyond myself. Greyson touches my heart and my soul everyday. Even now as I write this with tears in my eyes, he is climbing on my back in the chair, laughing and smiling. I guess these are tears of sadness and joy all mixed as one. But I do know that the future will have many more tears of joy than tears of sadness!

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