Post 49 Greyson Escorts Me Out

Recently we have had some challenges with bed time. As some of you know it all started when we got the puppy. I was working nights at the time and Alex would be home with the two of them. Greyson does not sleep through the night. He usually wakes up 2-3 times a night and he always needs one of us to put him back to bed. It was never a problem in the past, because we didn’t have the dog. I was working nights at the time and between Greyson waking up and the dog needing attention, it never seemed that both could get settled in.

One night was absolute chaos. I was working and Greyson woke up. Alex, got up from lying with the dog and went to put him back to bed. The dog was upset that she left her and was crying. Savenah was only 10 weeks old at the time and definitely had some separation anxiety. So the situation went back and fourth. Alex would get up for the dog and Grey would get upset. Then, she would go back to bed with Grey and the dog would cry. Greyson then got upset with the dog crying. Eventually, Grey got so upset that he had a complete meltdown. Alex called me and I came rushing home from work. Everything ended up working out once we could separate them and fulfill both of their needs.

Once all of that happened Alex decided to start keeping Grey up really late so he wouldn’t wake up and there wouldn’t be a problem. I couple weeks later I realized I needed to switch to days because the night shift was really harming the family. Once I did that and was home for bedtime, we started working on getting grey back to bed on time. We used the timer to count down, as we always did. It was a major struggle for a week or two, but eventually it became easier and easier.

However, after the first few days Greyson started realizing I was the one starting his timer. Obviously, he associated the timer with bedtime and was very resistant. At this point I was working days for about a week and one day when I got home from work, some interesting things happened. First, the dog started attacking my feet and wouldn’t stop, and then Greyson grabbed my hand and walked me t the door. He asked me to open it, and I did. Then he pushed me right out and closed the door. He was associating me with the timer and didn’t want me in the house because of it. The dog on the other had wanted me home all day and was upset I wasn’t so she went after me to express her disapproval.

It really makes you think about how interesting life is. The kid kicks me out and the dog attacks me because I wasn’t home. Go figure, life doesn’t always end up going in the same direction and we all need to be prepared to deal with it when it happens. After a few days Greyson stopped escorting me, but to this day Savenah hasn’t stopped going after me. It has gotten much better but I will keep everyone posted about how things develop with her.

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