Post 47 Eye Surgery

So I had a growth removed from my eye lid the other day. We took a video of Greyson’s reaction to seeing me with an eye patch and posted it to our YouTube Channel, so check it out. It was an interesting progression. He was not happy at all when he first saw it. He was trying to tear it off and then started getting really upset over it. I tried to show him and talk to him about it again, when we got home. This time he tried to tear it off again but when I explained that I had hurt my eye he stayed calm. The second time was much better than the first. Despite him wanting it off, he was able to emotionally accept that it was staying on. He tried to tear it off a few more times over the next hour and then he just completely stopped. He was fine with it. His progress is awesome and I couldn’t be prouder that I am his Dad!

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