Post 45 Someone Already Wants Summer To Start. NOW!!!

We have always been a summer family. Summer activities were always the highlight of Alex’s childhood as well as mine. Now, for Greyson we have continued to make those times the highlight of his and our family’s year. Every summer we try and make the most of it. We go on trips to the beach, visit the local farm, go for hikes, spend time outside and especially a lot of time at the local pool.

This year looks like it will be more of the same, and potentially much more. It is only the end of March and we have been going for walks for a few weeks already, and these walks always seem to end climactically at the complex’s pool area. Every time we go for a walk, Greyson always wants to go to the pool. HE refused to take no of an answer and makes sure we get there. It seems as though I have learned all 50 ways to get there already. Every time we get there he gets upset because he can see the pool but the gate is locked and the pool is closed. Disappointment every day!

I believe without fail, that he understands that it is not opening for a few months still. However, his excitement always seems to take him over. After a 10 minute interaction of explaining why the pool is closed we finally depart headed towards home. Once the pool is out of sight he has completely recovered and we continue the trip home.

He is also running out onto the deck with shorts on when it is 45degrees out, and asking to go for a walk once if not twice a day. This kid is ready and can’t wait for the weather to completely break and spend everyday and night outside, under the sun or the stars enjoy our lives together and living life to the fullest.

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