Post 43 Bordum During Therapy

The past month and a half in ABA Therapy had consisted of literally nothing. The entire time has been spend with the AAC Device and teaching Greyson how to use it. It all is centered around rewarding him and giving him whatever he requests. We need him to look at the Arc Device as the giver of all good things. It is basically a pairing process. The same strategy you use to get the child comfortable with the therapists.

Since we have been working on this our entire 3 hour session consists of the timer running out, Greyson giving the therapist hiss I Pad and then watching Grey go over to the AAC Device and request it right back again. Our RBT is bored out of his mind because he literally just keeps time for 3 hours. We all understand it is a necessary process to get Greyson to where he needs to be, but while we are bored out of our minds, Greyson is having an absolute blast! He never thought therapy would consist of him watching his iPad for 3 hours so he has been thrilled. Hopefully since he is really understanding it well, we can move on and start going back to ABA’s Discrete Trial Training.

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