Post 42 Life Changes Lead To New Sleep Challanges

Since we got the new puppy and I am working nights, Alex has to handle the bed time routine for both Greyson and the dog. They both sleep we individually, but since our last dog got sick we needed to change Grey’s sleeping environment. When Savannah got sick and couldn’t jump on the couch or in bed she would like to sleep in Greyson’s toddler bed. It was really close to the ground and easy for her to get up and down from it.

So about 8 months ago we took him into our bed so she had a place to sleep. Since then, Greyson would get up from time to time and always needed us to lie with him to get him back to bed. It was such a different change from when he was a baby. In his baby years he would fall asleep in a few minutes. Just put him in his crib and within 5 minutes he was out for the night and rarely woke up. After him sleeping in our bed for a while he has become more dependent on us to sleep. I know it wasn’t the smartest decision, however, we had no choice. We needed to do it for Savannah. She has been so good to us we needed to make sure we did everything we could to take care of her.

Since the new puppy arrived and I work nights, the night time routine is all up to Alex. Last week I got a call from her at 3am asking me to come home right away. Grey was melting down worse than ever before. Alex was trying to put him back to bed but then the dog would get upset and cry because Alex was not with her. The dog crying would then wake Grey up and prevent him from falling asleep. Greyson got so annoyed that he had a meltdown and was hitting himself and going after Alex.

I rushed home to help and got them both to sleep. Since Alex has been dreading the nights I work. We have tried to keep them up as long as possible, we tried getting them both to sleep earlier, even bringing the dog into bed. Nothing has worked! However, something has to give because it is not fair for Alex to keep going through all of this. It is affecting everyones sleep. At this point my only option might be switching to day shifts and declining the night shift. I am just praying that this all works out because I do not know what other options we have after this! And getting rid of the dog is NOT an option!

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