Post 41 Family Reunion

This past weekend was not a true family reunion but it was incredibly meaningful. My uncle and cousin came out to visit from Chicago. We haven’t seen them in over 2 years because of the pandemic and everything that comes along with it. IT was something I was excited about. We all went over my parents house for dinner and even the dog came with us. It was a great time. Seeing the whole family, all my aunts and uncles together for the first time in a few years was so great. It was wonderful for them to see Greyson again, since they haven’t seen him since right before he turned 3 years old down the shore a few years ago. It just reaffirmed what really feels important and what my priorities are. Nothing is more important to me than my family. Alex, Greyson and the dogs come first, but the extended family on both side is not far behind. These relationships are what makes life worth living and I realize that is what I want to make the priority in life, everyday going forward. I promise myself and my family I will be a real family man first and foremost!

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