Losing a Pet/Loved One

Losing a Pet or Loved one can be a very confusing and emotional time for our children. One of the most difficult things we as parents go through is what we do say to them? What is the best way to go about it? How do you explain it to them? Depending on who is was that passed your child may also be living with this person or saw you care for them. In our case we lost our dog Savannah of 18 years. Greyson saw me every day, every minute taking care of her. I was sleeping on the floor with her every night and taking her every other morning to the vet for fluids. That was the first step of Greyson realizing Mom was very busy with sister, and something was going on. I explained and talked to Greyson a lot about how we had to take care of sister now and that she was getting older. After 6-7 months of her being sick, she then went into the hospital for 3 days, and he realized she wasn’t home and he went to Grandmom and Grandpa’s so we could go to the hospital numerous times a day to visit. That was the hardest 3 days on me, I couldn’t sleep, I called the hospital all night long to check on her. So Greyson then saw mom crying A LOT. He knew something was going on. When she came home and was released from the hospital she was doing pretty good as the first day, but I still had to follow her every single step and keep my hands at her sides in case she fell over. The next 2 days we had to hold her non-stop as she then could no longer walk. He was in the other room when she naturally passed in my arms. Afterwards we let him come in and say goodbye. It was a very peaceful but sad moment. I was very open about all of it with Greyson, I never shielded him from it. Death is a natural part of life. You never want to lie to your children, as that can then cause a lot of anger and resentment for them. Explain to your child in simple terms what’s going on. Tell them (depending on what you believe) they always have an angel looking over them, guiding them. Tell them how beautiful heaven is. Teach them that our body is just clothes when were on this earth, and that our soul always lives on. Our clothes are like an earth suit. You will know exactly what to say when it comes time. They may ask questions, be honest and open with your answers, and don’t let them feel more confused after the conversation then before.

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