Post 36 Our New Baby Savenah Finally Comes Home 

The past month has felt like a lifetime! It was only a month ago that we decided to get another dog and choose our beautiful Savenah. We knew very quickly that we did not want to wait to long to get a new puppy! We tried going the adoption route first, but many of the dogs were either not good with children or they would only be able to go to a family with a large fenced in yard. Since we live in an apartment we were already out of consideration for those dogs. 

So it quickly became apparent that we needed to go with a puppy and we decided to find a reputable breeder! After a lot of research we found an amazing breeder in Texas with multiple litters of puppies. They were all bred from master champion sires, had amazing genetics and were pristine dogs! We went back and fourth between getting one or two and decided on only one for the time being. It was an extremely hard decision because we had a connection with two dogs. We spent so much time thinking about it and deliberating and finally came to that  decision to go with one dog and it was Savenah. 

So we waited and the time seemed like it took forever. The day prior to her arrival we spoke to the breeder and Alex explained how upset we were about losing out on the other dog. She explained how we tried to find someone to take him for 6 months until we were ready for him, but that we couldn’t find anyone. Alex   built up such an amazing relationship with her that she immediately agreed that we need the other dog. There was something special about him that made her feel that he needed to be with Greyson. She shocked us at that moment and said she would hold onto him for 6 months until we were ready. 

We must be meant to be with this dog because he left us and came back a few times. The joy of the news set the stage for Savenah’s arrival. The anticipation was well worth it as she was as amazing as we could have imagined. In fact she was even more amazing then I could ever have dreamed of. She immediately stole our hearts. This experience has even been different for Greyson. He has not acted like a neurotypical child would with a new dog but he has paid more attention to her and we even got him to pet her a few times. I really think as time goes on they will bond and it will be an amazing experience for Greyson. 

We are so excited about our future as a family and can only look forward to when Murphy arrives!

Here is our Murphy!

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