Post 34 Changes

It is an interesting time right now with our family. A time of transition, progress and growth. We have been stuck in one place for a long, long time. In fact for about 4 years now we have been circling almost like a bird of prey. It has been a frustrating time in many different ways. 

This has been a big challenge in our lives, but that seems to be coming to a head, and we are moving on from that circle. We are moving forward and we are all making changes. It is becoming both an exciting time as well as a anxious time. Not know the future and the path we will travel definitely causes some anxiety. 

Our careers and professional lives are finally moving forward. We have hit 100 episodes on the podcast, my children book is coming out, our class is almost complete, and our Youtube Channel is being launched. I am also pursuing new careers that look promising. Personally, we have a new family member coming soon, our new dog, Savinah. This will be a huge change for all of us. But I am looking forward to it and seeing how Greyson reacts to a puppy. I am hoping his relationship with the dog will grow. I am personally working on personal development a lot, helping me to grow into the best version of myself. Alex, is also making many changes. 

I think we are super excited about all of it. Nerves are high but the excitement trumps the anxiety. These are all working for the good of our family and I am excited to see how we all grow and what this next year has in store for us. 

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