Post 33 Back At It

We are back into ABA Therapy again. After a full month off. We had the holidays off and then our RBT had COVID and then we had contact with someone with COVID. So we had to take all that time off. I had mixed emotions about it. I was happy in some ways that we could spend some extra time together during the holidays. On the other had I was worried it was going to set us back with Greyson’s progress. 

We had an up and down first day back. However, it was much better than we expected it to be. We expected him to struggle a lot getting back into the routine. After that first day he did just amazing! He was jumping right back into the work and it was absolutely amazing. He is such a quick learner too, making so much progress so quickly! 

He is adapting to his AAC device really quickly, and he is learning new things like nouns, verbs and adjectives, as well as learning compound words. With all his challenges, we still realize how blessed we are with all the incredible strengths he has. He is such a beautiful kid with so many incredible talents. I couldn’t be more proud of my incredible son!

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