Post 32 Brillant

Greyson is incredibly intelligent. Unlike most kids, he spends most of his time learning. Watching educational videos on YouTube Kids. We always allow him to watch because it is educational. If it wasn’t we would probably put a much stricter limit on his electronic usage. 

I have to say I am so glad that we have let him do it for so long because every week it seems like he is shocking us with how brilliant he is and what he has taught himself. H?e is a self learner which I believe is a great quality. He is 5 and can spell and read at like a 3rd grade level. He types words that I could’t imagine. He is working on nouns, adjectives and verbs right now and watching videos on that all day. He is already combining compound words, which shocked me. 

I am so proud of him and who he is! The fact that he accepts himself and doesn’t care what others think is awesome and a quality I wish I had more of. I always thought your kids should look up to you and admire you but I really look up to him!

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