Post 31 My Shadow

It has been an interesting few weeks here at the Guthreau house. We just wrapped up Christmas and New Year’s last weekend and we all had a wonderful time. Greyson enjoyed the Holiday’s, just like most kids would. He interacted with everyone really well and he really participated in Christmas at a whole new level. He was really involved in decorating the tree and the enjoyed opening and playing with his presents. 

I have been around much more recently because of the Holidays and we have all been spending a lot more family time together. Greyson has really liked it and we have connected on such a deep level at this point it is amazing. It is crazy how much we understand each other. He is non verbal and we have still been able to learn how we can communicate. Somehow it works really well most of the time and I know exactly what he needs. Over the holidays it has come to a whole new level. We have become best friends! So much so that he is my shadow now. Wherever I go he follows. Even if we are just doing our own things and sitting next to each other, I get up, he follows. 

He has become so social and it makes me so happy to see it. It can feel overwhelming at times but he only wants Alex or I with him to keep him company and he doesn’t want to feel lonely. I have not always had many close friends, throughout my life, so every relationship I do have is very important to me. This one with Greyson means the most to me. He is my shadow and will always be with me!

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