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Researchers found Vitamin B6 with Magnesium has the potential effects to alleviate the core symptoms of Autism. A possible association is higher doses of Vitamin b6 and Magnesium supplementation may reduce biochemical abnormalities.

Vitamin B6 and Magnesium are cofactors in more than 100 metabolic pathways. Cofactors help in the action of enzymes (complex molecules that cause chemical reactions to take place in the body). Some of the metabolic pathways in which vitamin b6 is involved produce and break down neurotransmitters or chemical messengers in the nervous system, such as serotonin and dopamine.

For over 30 years, parents have given B6 and magnesium to their children and have observed benefits ranging from mild to dramatic. B6 and magnesium are safe and inexpensive. B6 and Magnesium have received more scientific support than any other biological intervention for Autism. There are 18 studies showing that B6 & magnesium are beneficial to about half of autistic individuals.

Kirkman Laboratories in Lake Oswego, Oregon has been manufacturing a flavored B6/magnesium formula, Super Nu Thera, for use in autism since 1968. It’s very important to give magnesium along with B6 because B6 requires extra magnesium to be effective, and thus may cause a deficiency. Problems associated with magnesium deficiency include: enuresis (bed wetting), irritability/agitation, and sound sensitivity. Occasionally, an autistic person exhibits one or more of these behaviors when given B6 along w/magnesium. In these cases, the person may need more than the recommended amount of magnesium. Magnesium is relatively safe— too high of a dose will cause diarrhea. (eg. Milk of Magnesia)

A comprehensive multivitamin/multi-mineral supplement is strongly recommended since vitamins and minerals assist in metabolizing B6 and magnesium. Be careful: many Children’s vitamins contain Aspartame (or Nutrasweet) which is used as a sweetener. Parents should try to avoid products with Aspartame because research has shown that Aspartame can cause neurological damage. (see Russell L.Blaylock’s 1996 book entitled Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills)

From our personal experience we have used the Super Nu Thera and thats one that we really liked. Greyson behavior instantly got better. when we started the biomedical journey we noticed changes every single time we added a supplement. The first supplement we ever put Greyson on was Fish Oil, and we noticed changes within a few hours like more alertness, more engagement, however that is not to say that every single child will have the same experience, so stay consistent and give these things time to work. I believe the next supplement we added in was Super Nu Thera and that helped us tremendously with his behavior, he was calmer, and able to focus more. We honestly do not know where we would be if it wasn’t for the biomedical doctors. I did a lot of research on everything before we started so i had an idea of routes i wanted to take, but needed help with dosing, and that wasn’t something i wanted to just administer on my own without consulting a professional first. So if anyone is interested in getting more info, etc… you will want to look for a biomedical/ LAN /DAN Doctor. You can do a Google search and should be able to find a list. I will always include a link here of DAN Dcotrs who offer Mercury Detoxification & Treatments for Autism. See below.

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