Post 30 Holidays

Christmas has come and gone so quickly it is amazing! We all had a blessed and joyous holiday this year, especially Greyson! We went over my parents for Christmas Eve and spent time with my sister, brother in law, niece and uncle. 

As usual, Greyson was all over the house. He enjoys visiting other places and has a blast exploring all the things that are different from our apartment. He also enjoyed playing with his cousin Charlotte. She loves following him around and watching him. She is always asking about him and they get along very well. They played with toys together and did parallel play, which is awesome for Grey. He has come such a long way. He also did really well with sharing with her. 

We woke up and spent Christmas at home, the 3 of us and Alex’s Mom. We love to stay at home and relax on Christmas. We stay in our pajamas all day, eat a ton of food and enjoy the time together. That morning when Grey woke up we were able to capture him on video as he ran out to the living room to see what Santa brought him. We also celebrated our fur baby’s 18 birthday Christmas Day.

OMG, he was so excited about the toys. He was into everything and helped open all his presents. As he unwraps his OCD takes over and he has to get every piece of wrapping paper off the present and he can’t wrap the next piece off until that piece is placed in a nice neat pile of garbage. 

Watching him was a beautiful thing. He has come such along way and the joy that filled my heart on Christmas this year was incredible. I was finally able to spend time enjoying these simple gifts so many parents take for granted.

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