Post 29 Socializing

After a year and a half we finally took Greyson out to a restaurant last week (Aug 2021). We met Alex’s Aunt and Uncle for Dinner to celebrate Alex’s Birthday! We went to her Aunt’s favorite restaurant, who is owned by her best friend. She set us up with a quiet private spot in the back of the restaurant. Her and her 9 year old granddaughter                           waited on us.

Greyson had a fondness for the little girl from the beginning. And she did such an amazing job with him. Her 7 year old brother has autism and was non verbal until about 4 years old. She saw her brother in Greyson right away, saying, he was lining things up just like her brother, and watching his iPad the same way. So she started playing with him and pausing his iPad and coloring with him. She knew exactly what to do and how to do it. 

She must have spent a lot of time watching her brother go through therapy                           and to be honest it seemed as though she could be a 9 year old RBT and work with Greyson. They spent about an hour playing and Greyson just interacted so well with her. He has always been social with adults but not so much kids. So it was truly a blessing to watch the two of them play together. The start of Greyson building many strong and beautiful friendships!

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