Post 28 Vocals Incoming

We have seen Greyson go back and forth making progress with speech and then regressing. Back and forth he has gone from babbling at 1 year old to having no speech and just moaning at 18 months. Then babbling again around 2 years old and then 2-3 months later regressing back to only moaning. It has been heart breaking at times. We would get excited and then it would regress as quickly as he made progress.

About 8 months ago he started to babble again. I didn’t get my hopes up but I was secretly excited. This time it kind of held and he never regressed. When we started biomedical treatment we started using CBD as well. It seemed to have a negative effect on him, making him very agitated. So we decided to stop and only move forward with his other supplements. About 4 months ago we decided to give it another try because we found what we thought would be the perfect brand. Green Compass worked well for us and the research and data on the product was phenomenal.

Within a week of starting the CBD the babbling exploded to a whole new level. Very little screaming and absolutely no moaning at all. The babbling even seemed to be more conversational. He was babbling in a way that would resemble a response to what we said to him. The joy that we have felt since and watching his speech grow has just been overwhelming. Hearing his real voice melted my heart and I am so excited for his future!

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