Post 27 Greyson’s Angel

Reflecting on the passing of our beloved Savannah, I have made so many connections with her and Greyson. Savannah was so much more than just our family dog. On top of our love and incredible connection with her, she was always deeply connected with Greyson in such a unique way. 

She was always cuddling up against Alex’s belly when she was pregnant like she was already connected to him. We were very nervous about how things would go once Greyson made his way into our world but to our surprise Savannah took to him immediately. She would lie with me and Alex as we fed him and she would follow him all around the house. 

Sometimes she would even baby sit while we went to the bathroom or something. She would come and get us as soon as he cried or even made a sound. Like she was his little body guard. I even recall the night we brought him home and I was helping with breastfeeding because the breastfeeding specialist showed me how to assist him and Alex with getting him to feed and as soon as I did it Savannah nipped at me. She immediately thought I was hurting him and she flew into action like she was a little super hero. 

She will always live on in our hearts and should forever! I know for sure that she is on the other side of the rainbow bridge, looking down on us. She has accomplished all she was meant to and more, but we all know that she only has one job left to do. The job no other can, but her. Watch over Greyson as his one and only angel in heaven!

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