Post 26 Loss

We just had our most challenging experience yet, as a family. We just lost our wonderful angel, Savannah. She was our 18 year old Fox Terrier that Alex had when we first met. Savannah was about 6 years old when I met her and I can’t forget how energetic and loving she always was. She was a firecracker of energy and one of her favorite things was to lie with you under blankets and cuddle. 

She was more than a dog, she was like a child to us. I know how close Alex and her were and I knew it would be hard on her. However, I underestimated how hard it would be on me. It has only been a few days but I constantly miss her. I am always waiting to see her walking down the hallway and then realize that it won’t be happening. 

She went on her own and died from kidney disease/ suspected brain tumor. We were very lucky not to have had to euthanize her. She started to have pain the day prior to her passing for a little while but then was peaceful, and slept peacefully all night. So we did make plans to assist her but thank God she went on her own before that. Watching her pass was the hardest thing I have ever experienced. I am completely heart broken and all of us will miss her horribly! 

Savannah you are our angel! We love you so dearly and you were the most amazing dog I could ever imagine having! You did your job better then most humans and you will never be forgotten. You will live with us in our hearts and souls until we all meet again in heaven!!!

This Post Is Dedicated To Our Beautiful Princess Savannah! We Know You Have Crossed The Beautiful Rainbow Bridge and Will Always Be With Us, Looking Over Us. We Love You and Miss You!

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