Post 25 Fireworks

Our experience with fireworks has been mixed. When he was young we went to a couple festivals and he was a little bothered by the loud noise. But not so much so that he couldn’t handle it. It was a great way to desensitize him to fireworks and loud noises. A couple years later we went to the fireworks on Wildwood’s boardwalk and it was a big hit with him. He was glued to the sky and having a ball. He never covered his ears either. He was totally engaged. However, recently we went to local fireworks for 4th of July in town. We had no idea that the fireworks would be so close. Greyson enjoyed seeing them but it quickly became apparent that it was too loud for him. We enjoyed it for as long as we could and then left. The point is that no matter what we do, or where we go whether it’s a preferred activity or not, we always need to be prepared that we might have to leave. 

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