Post 8 Regression

During early intervention we encountered one of, if not the most difficult situations we have had along our journey. One day when my parents came over and walked in, Greyson immediately walked them to the door and tried pushing them out to leave. Obviously, they stayed and we had a good time. However, when we spoke to the DI later that week, Grey did the exact same thing with him. 

So, Alex and the DI discussed the situation and analyzed why it may be happening. They realized that my parents must have placed a demand on Greyson with out realizing it when they watched him a couple weeks earlier. They probably had no idea they were doing it, because it is so natural. He was smart enough to realize what was going on that he was being asked to do something. 

Moving forward Greyson became very resistant to therapy, especially with the DI. At this point they had to start from scratch, going back to the pairing process for 2-3 months. The DI would basically start by just standing inside the door. Once Greyson was ok with him standing inside for 10 minutes, he would walk into the room. After that, he would sit down, and then move closer. Until the point when he could interact with toys. This period was a huge set back. 

It was an extremely stressful time and really set Greyson back, losing 2-3 months just getting back to where he was. At this point we came to the realization that we couldn’t let anyone watch him. It was unfortunate for our families, Greyson and us. But it was what needed to be done, and we couldn’t take a chance of this happening again. We all put too much work in to let that happen again. This is when the longest year of our lives started! 

Greyson with Daryl (O.T)

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