Post 7 Grey’s Personality Shines

Oct 28, 2018

It was a little before 2 years old when Greyson’s personality really started to shine! I really saw him coming into his own as his personality showed. He was happy, active, loving and always on the go. Previously, he was in his own world much of the time, he started to interact a little bit more. It was beautiful seeing our relationships with him growing and evolving and it was very emotional. When you have an autistic child, you never know where you will be down the road, so every milestone means so much to us. It helped to motivate us and keep us going.

He really loved flash cards, sorting them and always examining them carefully. He also loved Secret Life of Pets. Always, laughing when Gidgit is watching the Spanish soap opera. He loved Bob the train, and spent countless hours learning the alphabet and numbers. Most of all he loved, Mickey Mouse Club House. He knew all the episodes and had a few favorites. One of which he would love watching over and over again and just laughed hysterically at the same scene every time. He also, enjoyed playing with puzzles. Not always the right way, but would match them up to animals on videos and the like. His intelligence was incredible. 

I think the best part of his personality was how loving he had become. Always loving hugs and kisses, squeezes and horse play. He loved jumping and swinging and spinning. He loved being held and even though he was non verbal, he loved listening to us talk to him. He was developing in so many incredible ways and I was so grateful for that and I started to love him in a whole new way! 

Oct 28, 2018
Oct 31, 2018

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