Post 6… Early Intervention Continues

August 13, 2017

Once Early Intervention had been in progress for a few months, I realized how valuable it was for Greyson and for us as a family. I have come to learn how important it is to start getting help as soon as possible. I could see the differences in Greyson pretty quickly and I know if we would have waited longer it would have been so much harder to make progress. By this time I really started to build a good understanding of what the therapy process was all about. 

At the time we were working with 2 therapists. The First was a DI (Developmental Interventionist). He was fantastic and he built such a great rapport with Greyson. In turn, Greyson really enjoyed working with him, especially in the beginning. They had some challenges finding reinforcers for him. Reinforcers has always been a struggle for us with motivating Greyson. Despite that, slowly but surely Greyson started to make progress learning new skills. 

Our other therapist was an OT (Occupational Therapist). She was really great with Greyson as well. He really took to her, especially because a lot of the activities they worked on had sensory components attached to them. Greyson is a huge sensory seeker and OT was great to support those sensory needs he has. Ot was also fantastic for working on those fine motor skills.

Greyson had pretty good gross motor and fine motor skills at that age, but they definitely were not perfect. By the time he aged out of EI they were excellent. It was a huge help going forward because it became one less area we needed to spend time focusing on. EI was a huge adjustment but it was a saving grace for us. It allowed us to take quick and definitive action to get Greyson as much support as we could. 

November 5, 2017

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