Post 5…Early Intervention Begins

July 9th 2017 Beach North Wildwood, Nj

I was not around much when Greyson started early intervention. I was working long hours, traveling and not at home during most of the sessions. I did work from home occasionally and got to participate from time to time. I did feel very guilty about not spending enough time in therapy. My emotions were telling me I was failing as a father and letting down Alex and Grey. 

I noticed how motivated and driven Alex was after each session. Each and every day she was on a mission to do everything possible to help Greyson. She was and is an incredible mother. On the other hand, I felt the complete opposite, that I was failing miserably at the most important thing in my life. 

When I saw some of the session from time to time, I was struck by the activities they were doing. They seemed to be playing with him. It did not seem like therapy. However, after a few weeks I came home from work and Alex seemed to explode with excitement when she saw me walk in. She almost attacked me at the door. “Shawn, he did it! You’re not going to believe it.” She talked for what seemed like a half hour, about our 18 month old son Greyson identifying every animal flash card when asked by the developmental interventionist. Showing me the video she took of him doing it perfectly. I was amazed! I saw how rewarding it was for Alex to help him get to that point. I realized how amazing both of them were. Alex as a mother and Greyson’s incredible intelligence. They worked so hard for so long to make the progress. 

I realized how valuable the EI was and how the playing turned into incredible growth and development for Grey. We finally had so much hope and faith that we could help him overcome any of his challenges. Knowing this I knew it was time for me to figure out what else I could do to be a more active part of his progress. 

July 9th, 2017 Beach North Wildwood, NJ

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