Post 24 Speech Therapy

Finding Speech Therapy for Greyson has been challenging throughout our journey. During EI we were constantly at war with the case manager. Our OT and DI encouraged us to try and get him speech services. They went as far as offering to support us with the case manager. The case worker continually refused. Sighting that he was to young and would not be a benefit until he gets a little older. We believe that she just didn’t want to offer him more services. 

Moving on after EI and when we went into ABA we started to research getting him in home speech again. That is what his developmental pediatrician required based on his behavioral challenges. We did find a few companies that offered in home speech but they all had a long wait list, about a year, and they still weren’t sure at that point if they could get him in.

One blessing that came out of the pandemic was that many Speech providers started offering Telehealth services. It was perfect for Greyson. We started him at the best of the best…Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He did therapy once a week and surprisingly was very good with the zoom sessions. we always opted for in home since its natural environment and proven to be the best technique. if a child is distracted at home and can learn to work in their enviornment, then they will be able to carry that over in any setting. Now after 12 weeks he has graduated from Speech Therapy because of how well he did. So now we move onto finding an in home Speech Therapist that specializes in oral prompt training which is a specialized technique. And so the journey continues. 

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