Post 23 Music

Greyson has always been really engaged in music. When he was roughly 4 months old he fell in love with Mickey Mouse Club House. It was great, but he only liked one particular episode, Hibiscus Hola. So we were playing it most of the day for him. He would hardly notice if we played another episode, but as soon as that Hibiscus Hola came on, he would scream and get super excited. 

When he was younger, Alex would sing to him when he was upset. She grew up spending her summers at the South Jersey Shore, in Wildwood. So she loved the songs Wildwood Days by bobby Ridell as well as On The Way To Cape May. Greyson definitely takes after Alex because it always seemed to calm him down. 

Eventually he started watching all the the Mickey Mouse Club House episodes. He still had favorites like Pirate Adventure and Space Adventure, but he actually liked all of the episodes and got really excited whenever the songs were on. Things really took off shortly before the lock downs. He started to get excited when we played music. So much so, that we started doing Dance Party Nights during the pandemic. Every Friday Night Bob Kelly from Fox would do his no shower happy hour show from his house. Thousands of people watched the Facebook Lives. We all really enjoyed the escape from our mundane pandemic lives. 

Greyson’s love for music has grown so much over the years that now he makes us read nursery rhyme karaoke videos on Youtube kids. He entertains himself for hours with them. My hope that is one day he will be the one to sing those songs and we can listen with all the joy a parent can have. 

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