Post 22 We Love Water

Greyson is completely obsessed with water. Every form of it, the beach, the bathtub, pool, water table and even lakes. We even treated him to mid day swimming time in the bath during the winter last year. It gave him time to enjoy water play while also helping him balance his out his sensory needs. Water is very calming to him. 

Every year when the pool opens he gets a little anxiety the first time we go in but after that you can barely get your shirt off before he jumps right in. He has become mister independent in that pool. He always wants to swim by himself pushing off us and only coming over to us for a quick break. We even let him take off his puddle jumper from time to time. He used to drink the water sometimes, probably since its a salt water pool, but we finally got that under control and got him to stop.

He loves the water so much that when we go to the local hiking trails and he sees the lake a tries to run right in. Of course it is the same on the beach. On top of all of it he puts his hands in every drink I have. I have to cover my drinks sometimes so he doesn’t do that. But we love that he loves the water so much since we love it to and it is its own type of therapy for him that truly brings him a level of peace and serenity!

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