Post 21 Eating

When Greyson was about 1 years old, he was a phenomenal eater. He tried most things and enjoyed them, including bananas, pasting, eggs, broccoli, hummus, & a variety of snacks and cookies, as well as many purees. He played with his food and truly looked forward to meal time. He was always excited, laughing and was nothing but smiles. 

Shortly after that we started to expand his diet adding in Gerber meals. He enjoyed them right away and liked pretty much any of their meals. We also added in yogurt, which is probably his favorite. He was probably going through a growth spurt because he was eating like a horse. Close to 5 meals a day. 

At that point we decided to introduce foods we were eating. He had little to no interest in our food. In fact it become aversive. It was almost as if he was afraid of new foods that he never tried. He would push it away and get a look on his face of pure disgust. We have never stopped working on his eating though. We have picked up a lot of tips and brought him for a feeding evaluation. We have slowly been integrating desensitization therapy into eating and getting him comfortable touching and being around food. We got him on the wait list for intensive feeding therapy at, The Children Hospital of Philadelphia. CHOP is one of, if not the best autism treatment hospitals in the world. It will be a year wait but within a couple weeks we should be able to get this challenge under control. 

We will keep you posted on how things progress!

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