Post 20 Anxiety

Greyson struggles a lot with anxiety. He is extremely careful and cautious with many different things. An example is when Greyson is walking down the stairs he is very careful and takes his time, which is great. He’s also very cautious when we go to the playground and he uses the swings. We have noticed his oral stimming is connected to his anxiety.

When someone sits in the back seat of the car he must have that person touching him in some way, however we don’t need someone to sit in the back, it’s only when they are next to him. I also noticed that if I tie my shoes while I am in the backseat with him he gets very anxious because if he doesn’t see me sitting the right way it really worries him.               

We put him on Inositol back when we started Biomedical treatment. It has really helped him dramatically but it still has not completely eliminated the anxiety. We make sure we are comforting him as much as possible when we notice it and we make sure we always have his chew toy because it helps him manage the anxiety. We have also used a lot of exposure therapy to gradually expose him to different things. Making sure we don’t push him too far and stop before it becomes any problems. We also put Greyson on CBD oil, and what an improvement we have seen. Anxiety is completely cut in half, and we also now have babbling. It has been a total game changer in our lives. 

We are obviously still working on it and I will make sure to keep you posted.                                                  

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