Post 19 Covid

Covid definitely had a big impact on the whole family. Greyson in particular was affected in many ways. To start he was finally starting to attempt to socialize but suddenly we couldn’t let him socialize. I am sure it was a confusing time for him. One minute being encouraged to socialize and the next not being allowed to. 

Another challenge that affected Greyson was therapy. We spent a lot of time debating what we should do with ABA. We knew it would really affect all the progress he was making, but at the same time we were all healthy and could not imagine how hard it would be if we got sick. So we made the decision to pause therapy for the time being. 

We immediately set up a plan. We did a call with Kim our BCBA and decided we would commit to doing 2 hours a day 5 days a week of ABA. Kim walked us through what we needed to focus on based on where Greyson was at. We worked through learning how to implement trials and how to teach. We started reading books and watching videos to make sure we were ready to be as successful as possible. Once we did start doing ABA with Grey we also scheduled weekly calls with Kim to discuss progress and slowly moving from skill to skill.

It was a real learning curve for us. We were basically getting a crash course on being an RBT, but we all made progress together. We grew as parents and Greyson learned new skills. This time was challenging for all of us but it really brought us together as a family and taught us a lot. We knew more than we could have ever imagined. After a few weeks Greyson really started engaging in therapy with us and making great progress. Since we were with him all day we were able to generalize a lot of what we were working on throughout the day. 

By the time we were transitioning back into in person therapy our RBT was amazed at how much he had learned. To this day our BCBA Kim raves about how hard we worked with him and how well we did. How it was extremely impactful and prevented any major regressions. It truly turned out to be a blessing in disguise.                           

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