Post 17 Always Surprised

Greyson is a very unique and special boy. He has his own unique personality, his own pet peeves, and interests. Although he has missed many milestones over the years, he has eventually hit most of them. It shows how smart and hard working he is. His style of learning is different then most but it works extremely well for him. I believe he has a photographic memory, because he can see something once and he already has it memorized. 

He shocks me every day. I wake up wondering how he will surprise me that day. How does he know every animal. He knows what a cardinal is but has never seen one. It is truly shocking sometimes. It is difficult to know what he understands and how much he has learned. Alex and I think he knows much more than it seems and since he is non verbal he can take advantage of acting like he doesn’t know what is going on. 

Seeing the progress every day and being constantly surprised be him, provides me with motivation to keep moving forward. It is a great feeling waking up and being so excited about what that day has to offer. Every day I wake up wondering if this will be the day, the day he finally starts to talk and finds his voice. I pray every day!

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