Post 13 Fighting For Greyson

When Greyson was in early intervention and about 2 years old, we were working with an awesome OT and DI. We had a wonderful experience with them and Greyson did as well. They really helped us learn a lot. However, the experience with our program director was horrible. 

She was never meant to work in a customer facing role. She had no sense of empathy or sympathy for Greyson or us. She really didn’t seem to care about Greyson, his challenges or ours for that matter. After a while we realized she had no idea what she was talking about. It seems unimaginable that someone could have such an important role without having the knowledge to back it up. 

The fight with her really started a couple months later. Greyson was a little over two years old and still non verbal. Alex spoke to the OT and DI and they really encouraged her to speak to the program director about speech therapy. They thought it was a great time to start it and he could really benefit from it. So Alex brought it up to her and she shot her down immediately. She said he is too young and did not need that type of therapy right now. She did suggest that we try to work on PECS with him. 

Of course everything she told us about PECS was completely wrong. Of course we did not realize it until about a year later. This proved to me that she did not care about helping anyone. It was just a job for her. This was when I realized how important it is to be your Childs best advocate. If you need to switch to a different provider do not hesitate. I wish we did. I was so angry that we trusted people who were supposed to be doing what was best for our child. A so called expert. But I realize now how important it is to work with great providers who truly care. I wish we would have spent a little more time asking them questions before moving forward. If we did we might have asked for a different program manager and maybe all of us would have been better off. 

Never trust anyone’s intentions until you really dig in and ask them a lot of questions, and go with your gut. It is usually right! 

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