Post 11 Reduced Support

March 2020

In early 2020 things were progressing very well in ABA. We were working with 3 therapists and doing 15 hours of therapy a week. Then we were hit by the pandemic. Obviously, the whole world has been massively affected by the unprecedented time, but we were suddenly on our own again. Like we were going back to the beginning. But was it really going back to the beginning? By now we learned so much and we have all come so far. 

  Our providers stopped coming to the home, and we started to do therapy with Greyson every day ourselves. It was time to test our knowledge and challenge ourselves as parents. We scheduled weekly video calls with our BCBA in order to review his progress and set new goals. It was such a challenging time for all of us. We had to take on new roles and Greyson’s progress depended on both of us. 

We took the challenge head on. We were a great team. Alexandria and I have very different strengths and weaknesses, that compliment each other well. This is what allowed us to help turn this challenging time into a success. When we started in home therapy again 6 months later we were happy to hear how well we all had done during that time. 

It was not perfect, by no means. However, we were still in a better place then we were when the pandemic started. Besides the rewards of Greyson’s progress during that time, we were rewarded in many other ways from that experience. It reassured us of what we are capable as parents, and as human beings in general. We knew we had the strength to overcome any challenge we faced and that no matter what happens we will always be moving forward as a caring and loving family! 

March 2020
March 2020

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