Post 10 The Moment

Greyson changed a lot from the time he was 12 months to 18 months old. At a year of age, Greyson was saying baba and mama all the time. He was playing with new toys and playing with them in a different way. He was also playing with his food, and eating all different types of food. 

Everything seemed to be going great. He wasn’t walking yet but he was scooting around on his butt. He was in the top 98 percentile for height and weight, so the pediatrician just thought it would take a little longer because of his size. He needed to develop a little more strength before he would walk. 

Then sometime between 12-18 months it all changed. He stopped playing the same way, and he didn’t say any new words. Even worse than that is that he never said baba again. The eating stopped as well. He became really picky and wouldn’t try anything new. He wouldn’t play with his food either. 

We wonder every day what happened in those 6 months. I think we have some theories about what happened now. Which could fill up a whole bunch of future posts. That being said, when this all happened we were crushed. We were devastated and questioning everything. It was just another step in our journey. The journey of our life with our son Greyson! 

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