I could never forget the feelings and emotions I had when I first found out Greyson was Autistic. I was working from home one day and Alex had the state Early Intervention Team come out to do an evaluation with Greyson. Our Pediatrician had recommended one since he had a communication delay. I went and checked in on the evaluation a few times and it looked as though Greyson was being his usual self. Playing with his toys by himself. Like he was in his own little world. 

Everything looked fine. He was just doing his normal thing and having fun. I went back to work and once they left Alex came in and said, “He is Autistic Shawn.” She rushed through saying a whole bunch of stuff that the evaluators said. I slowed her down and she explained. “They said possible autism and as soon as they did I knew it right away, he is 100% autistic.” I replied, “We do not know that yet.” She said, “I know 100%, he is autistic.” 

I took a deep breath and I thought about it, and tried to sort through all my emotions. The denial, anger and frustration set in for a few minutes, I then started to think about Greyson, and I realized how incredible he is, he was so special and unique in his own way. I realize now, looking back on it, my life changed forever that day. 

That day I thought it was changed just because Greyson was autistic, but now looking back it is totally different. I am incredibly grateful for everything that has happened, since that day. He has helped us realize our life purpose. He has provided us with unconditional love and has added so much joy to our lives. 

Greyson, I am so happy and proud to be your father!

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