The beginning from a father’s perspective

It was September 28th 2016, I was getting ready to leave for work when Alex said, with a strained voice, “Sweetheart I think we need to go to the hospital. I am definitely in labor.” My initial reaction was freaking out. We were an hour away from the hospital and it was rush hour on a weekday. I ran around the house grabbing everything and running it down to the car. Once we were on the road I was able to slow down and actually process what was happening. I got super excited. 

This turned out to be both the happiest and most stressful day of my life. When I saw Greyson for the first time I could not contain my emotions. They completely overwhelmed me and my mother in law who was with us in the delivery room, caught me in the moment when my emotions were completely overwhelmed and I started crying. Tears of pure joy. Later that evening I could feel the stress and responsibility I now had on my shoulders and it definitely affected me. It even affected me for a couple years to follow. 

Our lives completely changed that day, but they changed again 18 months later when Greyson got diagnosed with Autism. My initial reaction was, that no matter what happens we will overcome it and deal with it. When encountered with a problem I always maintain a positive frame of mind and turn the rest over to God. I knew nothing about Autism but I was determined to learn everything I could in order to help Greyson. And I did just that. 

This is my story of where our journey began. So much has transpired since then. Many good things, some bad things, but looking back on all of it. I would never change a thing. I love who I have become as a person, and I know I wouldn’t feel that way if anything was different. 

Enjoy the journey!

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