Post 6 What is Normal?

I remember when I first mentioned to people that Greyson had Autism. I heard responses like how, he looks normal? or he doesn’t look like someone with Autism.How does someone with Autism look? I would love to know. Then the famous question well doesn’t he have to go to a special school? People were very very uneducated and ignorant because they didn’t fully understand or go through it themselves. Greyson is absolutely brilliant, and we seem to think on a genius level. He could read by the age of 2 (self-taught) knew numbers, letters, and was listening to other languages. It was amazing to see what he knew and what he could do, but that does’t mean we didn’t have a lot of struggles in the beginning. Therapy used to be difficult for Greyson. He’s worked every single day since 18 months non- stop. Children his age don’t typically start working like he was at 18 months. I talk about how important it is to start services early. Their success and outcome has everything to do with early intervention. You can’t start therapy at 5 or 6 and expect the same results, behaviors then become habits, and the earlier those habits are blocked and intervene the better. I’ve seen a lot of parents not involved in therapy, not getting early intervention, and I honestly will never understand this. Some are just worried about a label, so because of the word or being diagnosed with Autism, they don’t get the help or even a diagnosis. Parents doing this are doing their children no justice. We jumped right in, were never worried about labels, or what people what say, etc… our child’s needs have and will always top all of that to us. What is normal though? We all have our quirks, whether that be being distracted, or developmentally, or even just a simple hair twirl while were talking to people. If you were diagnosed with Autism these things would all make sense, however even neurotypical people/children all have their own things that they do to cope with situations. This is very normal! I’ve once read from a person with Autism that they are documented at 187 and legally classified as gifted, she goes on to say that “Autism is the human brain being so advanced that it’s overwhelmed and over stimulated by all of the connections and information being processed.” She also said “We are actually the only ones who are whole human beings with full functional emotions and a fully connected limbic system (part of the brain involved in our behavioral and emotional responses) and actual conscious empathy meaning that Non-Autistic people are actually overly mutated zombie people with partially U functional brains which obviously has been proven. Sad thing is people like us care more and are disregarded the most when in reality were the definition of what should be and intellect…it’s proven in psychotropic studies that normies have an entire section about 18% of their brain that literally dies by age 7 where as autistic brains do not suffer the loss of that piece of what makes us human.”

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