Development from Birth-12 Mos. Everything was fine!

Greyson was born a perfect, happy & healthy baby boy. He scored perfectly on his Apgar test, and was even reaching to grab the nurse’s arm. By 4 days old he was holding his own pacifier and within a few weeks he completely stopped the pacifier on his own. He always had fantastic eye contact and was always so engaged. If I was all the way across the room, and pulled the camera out he would just watch me and get ready for a picture with a big smile on his face; everyone called him a camera ham. I talk about the beginning a lot as you will all start to notice. I always go back to that first year, everything was perfect, our baby was healthy, and thats all we could have asked for. At 12 months of age he was holding and functionally using a spoon feeding himself. On his birthday we put a cupcake with sprinkles down and he ate it. He was babbling so much saying baba, and mom all the time at 6 months, that we thought he was going to talk early. By 13 months he could no longer feed himself and that went on to age 3 1/2. He never said baba again, in fact we just heard the B sound a few weeks ago at age 4 1/2. Greyson is non-verbal. He is saying Da now and starting yeah and no but it has never been consistent. People constantly ask me, “Did you know?” No I didn’t know, I had no idea because my child was developing neurotypical. When parents have their first child, they’re alert to any sneeze, cough, etc… So in my opinion a mother, or father would know if something wasn’t right with their child, especially after a year. I don’t know what happened, I don’t know if the controversial topic about MMR had anything to do with it, but Greyson got his MMR 2 weeks after his 1st Birthday and that’s when our lives changed.

January 2017

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