Therapy E.I (Early Intervention)

We started E.I (Early Intervention) when Greyson was 18 months. We had OT & DI (Developmental Intervention). We unfortunately were never able to get speech therapy for him, which is a whole other issue. We did therapy every single Day. We had OT in the mornings and DI in the afternoons. It was a lot to get used to in the beginning, but I will say one thing, it definitely forced me to make sure the house were in tip top shape everyday. Having Greyson in therapy every day gave me the motivation I needed. Talking to the therapists everyday immediately ignited this fire inside of me; I felt it after every single conversation. It pushed me to do all I could, the best I could for Greyson. Therapy was a huge struggle for Greyson, he had no receptive language, couldn’t handle demands, and was just really really young. He struggled with therapy up until the age of 3. I think it was a huge struggle for me too. I didn’t know anything about Autism, so it was a big learning curve. Myself being an only child and not being around children, I didn’t know the typical developmental milestones. I’ve only babysat a few times and that weans until my 20s. I remember things I Tod the therapists like he loves spinning objects, loves to see how things are out together, and that he was never ver interested in anything I drank or ate. I thought these were normal kid things. I didn’t know because of my lack of experience with children. Well, lets just say I learned a lot very very quickly.I had no choice. I sat in & participated in every single therapy session. I never even walked away to use the bathroom, I didn’t miss a beat. I was very hands on, and was constantly working with Greyson, which made our journey just a tad easier. I was lucky enough yo be able to stay home with him. He needed me!

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